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           COVID-19 Update

For everyone’s safety, we are asking everyone to follow these protocols :

1. Please limit spectators and time in the building. Leave children at home, if possible.

2. Wear a mask until you enter the field of play. Soccer is a very physical activity and wearing a mask during play can pose a greater health threat.

3. If you are sick or been exposed to the virus, please stay home.

4. Staff will be wearing a mask and checking temperatures when you enter the building.

5. We have purchased an FDA approved microbial surface agent used in hospitals to treat our high touch surfaces (bench area, spectator area, counters, doors). This is a product that bonds to the surface and kills viruses and microbes that land on it. It is a product that is designed for both surfaces and textiles and when used properly protects up to 90 days even in trafficked areas. 
We all want to keep playing soccer and enjoying each others company. We have all done a good job of watching out for each other. Let's keep up the good work.



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