Futsal 3v3 Tournament Rules



Registration/Proof of Age

All players must have proof of age (i.e. birth certificate, driver license, passport, or State Association issued player cards) and be prepared to provide it to any Tournament Official (you do not have to turn your proof of age at check-in). Any player found to have falsified age will be dismissed from the tournament and said team may be subject to penalty including forfeit of games.

Team Rosters must be turned in BEFORE YOUR FIRST GAME. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN A FORFEIT. Only those players listed on the Team Roster can play in the tournament. Any changes to your roster must be made prior to the START OF YOUR FIRST GAME. A player may play on 2 different teams that are not within the same division.

Tournament Format

All age groups will play 3v3 on 60 ft x 30 ft courts (a volleyball court size playing surface). The goals are 3 ft. tall by 6 ft. wide. All divisions will use a size 3 futsal ball (provided by the tournament). Games will consist of two 12-minute halves separated by a 2-minute halftime or the first team to reach 12 goals, whichever comes first. Teams may consist of a maximum of six (6) players only. Three players will be on the field at a time. There are no goalkeepers, but there is no rule against a defending player setting up in the mouth of the goal. A team must have a minimum of 2 players on the field to start the game.

Division Brackets

Every team is guaranteed four (4) games total. Pool play will be set up as follows and based on a number of teams in each division.

4 Teams – Each team plays all other teams in the pool. Top 2 advance to a final match and bottom 2 play a consolation match.

5 Teams – Each team plays all other teams in the pool. Top 2 advance to a final match.

6 Teams – Teams divided into two brackets. Each team plays three cross bracket games. All teams advance to playoffs with the top team in each bracket getting a bye in the first round.

7 Teams – Each team will play 4 other teams in the pool. Top 4 advance to semi-finals.

8 Teams – Each team will play 3 other teams in the pool. All teams advance to quarter-finals.

9 or More Teams – Some combination of bracketing previously described will be utilized.

Game Times/Schedules

A team will be subject to forfeit the game if not ready to play no more than 5 minutes after scheduled start time, at the discretion of the referee or Tournament Director. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE COACH OR TEAM MANAGER TO CHECK THE SCHEDULE FOR ANY CHANGES THE FRIDAY BEFORE AND DAY OF THE TOURNAMENT. YOU WILL NOT BE NOTIFIED OF ANY CHANGES.



Team Uniforms

All players must wear like jerseys during play. Each team must bring both light and dark colored jerseys. During pool play, home teams must change in case of color conflict. The home team is the first team listed on the schedule. During playoffs, the higher seed will have the option of color. SHIN GUARDS ARE MANDATORY.

Playing Rules

  • No Offsides.

  • No Slide Tackling except to stop or intercept the ball. (i.e. a player may slide to save a ball from going out of bounds). No contact can be made with the opposing players while sliding for the ball. If contact is made during a slide tackle, it could warrant a yellow card based on the referee’s discretion.

  • Kick-Ins will be used in place of throw-ins.

  • Goal Kicks or Corner Kicks will be awarded if the ball travels over the end line. Goal kicks may be taken from any point along the end line. Corner kicks will be taken from the corner point.

  • Kick-Offs may be taken in any direction. A team cannot score directly from a kick-off) ball must be 100% over the mid-line to be considered on the offensive half of the field).

  • Dead Ball Restarts including corner kicks and fouls are indirect. In all dead ball situations, defending players must stand at least 3 paces away from the ball. If the defensive player’s goal area is closer than 5 paces away, the ball shall be placed 5 paces from the goal line and in line with the place of the foul. Players shall take no more than approximately 4 seconds to restart play once placing the ball for restart.

  • Penalty Kicks shall be awarded if, in the referee’s opinion, a scoring opportunity was nullified by the infraction. It is a direct kick taken from the mid-line with all players standing behind the mid-line.

  • Substitutions may be made on the fly. The exiting player must completely leave the field of play prior to the entering player stepping on the field of play. If the substituting team violates this rule while in possession of the ball, it will be a spot foul for the opposing team at the spot of the ball when the foul is called. If a team violates this rule when not in possession of the ball, and the referee feels that it significantly impacted play, a foul may be called at the spot of the ball.

  • Euless Indoors recommends that a coach NOT place a player in the goal mouth throughout the duration of the game as a defensive strategy. 3v3 tournaments are a wonderful learning opportunity for both coaches and players alike, and we feel “Goal-Tending” is not teaching proper soccer tactics. This is only a recommendation and is NOT a tournament rule. There will be no penalty called.

  • Scoring a goal may be scored only from a touch (offensive or defensive) within a team’s Offensive half of the field. A score from an offensive player may be scored when the ball is completely on the offensive half of the field and cannot be touching the mid-line. If a player in their defensive half kicks the ball across the mid-line and the ball hits another player (offensive or defensive) and the ball goes in the goal, a goal will be awarded. If a goal is scored from the defending half of the field without touching any player (offensive or defensive), a goal kick is awarded to the opposing team. Own goals, whether the ball started on offensive or defensive side of the field, will count as a goal.



Point Standings

The “Three Points for a Win” system will be used. Wins will earn three points (including forfeits), draws one point, and losses zero points. The 10-point scale will be used as the first tie-breaker in the event two teams are tied in the standings. In a 10 point scale: 6 points for a win, 3 points for a tie, and 0 points for a loss, plus 1 point for each goal scored up to 3 and 1 point for a defensive shutout. 9 points will be given for forfeits in pool play. A forfeit must be approved by the Tournament Director before the game is considered an official forfeit. The Tournament Director has the option to replay a forfeited game if deemed necessary and if field space is available.

Coaches are encouraged to check and sign referee scoresheets immediately after the game has ended. Failure to sign the score sheet DOES NOT constitute a reason to protest nor does it invalidate the score submitted by the referee to the Tournament Director.

Overtime Rules

Games ending in a tie will be considered a tie, except during playoffs, where there will be one 5-minute “sudden death-golden goal” overtime period. A coin toss will decide kickoff and direction. The first team to score during that period will be declared the winner. If the game is still tied after the 5 minutes, additional 3-minute “sudden death-golden goal” periods will be played until a winner is determined. Kick-off and direction of play will alternate at the start of each period.

Standings Tie Breaks

Ties between 2 teams will be broken by:

1) The 10-point scale score

2) Head to Head results between teams

3) Number of Shutouts in pool play

4) Goal differential in pool play (total difference in all games, i.e. Team A won 8-4, their difference is +4)

5) Goals against in pool play (lowest total allowed in all pool play games)

6) Goals scored in pool play (total scored in all pool play games)

7) Coin toss (Done by the Tournament Director. One team will be chosen as heads, other team as tails. Coin toss is won by whichever it lands on.  Coin toss is Best 2 out of 3.)

Ties between 3 or more teams will be broken by:

1) The 10-point scale score 

2) Number of Shutouts in pool play

3) Goal differential in pool play

4) Goals against in pool play

5) Goals scored in pool play

6) Coin toss (Done by the Tournament Director. One coin will be tossed by each team simultaneously. The 2 teams that land with the same face, heads or tails, will move on to the next coin toss if another coin toss is needed. If all 3 teams land with the same face, we will redo the coin toss.)

Cautioned Players (Yellow Card)

Players that receive 2 yellow cards in one game will result in a red card (Please see red card rules). Any player accumulating 3 yellow cards during a tournament will automatically be suspended for the remainder of the tournament.

Player Ejections (Red Card)

Referees have the right to eject a player, coach, or parent/spectator from the game. If a player on the field is ejected, the team must complete the game minus 1 player on the field (i.e. 3v3 would have to play with 2 players). Substitutions may still take place, but the offending team will still be minus 1 player on the field. The player receiving the red card will be suspended for the remainder of the tournament. Players, coaches, or parents/spectators who are ejected by the referee must leave the field and area around the field in a timely manner. The game will not restart until the offending player, coach, or parent/spectator has been removed, yet the game clock will continue. If a player, coach, or parent/spectator refuses to leave, the game may be forfeited in favor of the opposing team. All referee decisions, in this matter, are FINAL.


No protests will be allowed when referring to a Referee’s “judgment call” and all games will be considered final in this circumstance. The Tournament Director will resolve any situation not explicitly covered by the rules. The Tournament Director will also resolve any “Rule Interpretation Violation” made by the Referee. Disputes relating to the interpretation of the rules will be resolved with the Manager/Coach that are registered with the involved team(s) only. Individual parents or fans of the game may not represent a team if not registered as a Manager/Coach with the involved team(s). If a “Rule Interpretation Violation” does occur, a formal protest must be made by the Manager/Coach of the team protesting before the game ends and the protest will be resolved within 15 minutes after the game ends. Videotape will not be allowed as a form of protest or decision review. Initial protests are NOT accepted after the game is completed.


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